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Now at Paul Bram you can discover the unique universe of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENAHGEN.


This month’s edition of Vogue Australia celebrates all things Danish!

Vogue Australia visited Copenhagen to photograph HRH Crown Prince Frederick and HRH Crown Princess Mary for the cover of the August issue.

The issue focuses on all things Danish, including OLE LYNGGAARD COPENAHGEN with a ‘Style feature’ on creative director, Charlotte Lynggaard.

Founded in 1963 by goldsmith Ole Lynggaard. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is one of the most respected jewellers of timeless elegant fine jewellery.

Style Feature: Charlotte Lynggaard’s home is put on display.

vogue 01

Vogue Australia visited Charlotte’s house outside of Copenhagen to catch a glimpse of her personal style.

Creative Director and style icon, Charlotte Lynggaard relishes in natures natural wonders to inspire new collections.

vogue 04

“To me designing is often about the contrast in colours, styles and metals, mixing the contemporary with the classic, the wild with the stylish or the simplicity with daring”


Charlotte’s home and surroundings are where she translates her inspirations, into the exquisitely crafted, organic pieces created for OLE LYNGGAARD COPENAHGEN.

Be inspired by the stunning collections from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.

To read the article in full, pick up a copy of Vogue with Princess Mary on the cover and head to the Paul Bram showroom to discover the new wold of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.



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Image credit: Vogue Australia, August edition.

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