Monday, 11th July 2016


The Lotus Collection illustrates OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s passion for rare and colourful gemstones. Playful, yet serene, a single Lotus ring stands out – a whole bouquet in contrasting, unexpected nuances even more so.

Expressive colour combination of gemstones are a recurring design feature, making global collaborations vital to the creation of every piece of fine jewellery bearing the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN stamp: moonstone from Sri Lanka, African aquamarine, rutile quartz from Brazil, and Mediterranean coral to name but a few.

The OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN collection very much depends on Mother Nature and her blessings. Several years may pass while they wait for a gemstones of a particular nuance or shape.

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN takes pride in being a picky customer and in trusting that some of the world’s most renowned suppliers of precious stones know exactly where they are coming from – like trapeze artists flying calmly through the air in guaranteed certainty of meeting their partners firm grip.

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Image credit: Vogue Australia, August edition.