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Top Twenty Engagement Ring Trend Predictions For 2021

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It’s that time of year when we are planning Christmas and looking forward to seeing the back of 2020. It’s also very likely that there will be a spike in wedding proposals as we emerge from the difficulties of this year and look towards 2021 and the future with optimism and the promise of fresh starts. Next year looks to be a big year of weddings as we get back out and about again, plan good times and celebrate with those dear to us. The season starting this week could just be ‘The Summer of Love’! Below we share our top 20 predictions for engagement ring trends in the year ahead.


Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings

You can’t go wrong with a traditional diamond engagement ring of course. The most common is a round-cut white diamond for the centre stone. Whilst this will continue in its popularity, jewellery designers will also try to make each ring unique by bringing subtle differences, reinventing classic looks. The designs will develop along the lines of what customers are seeking. 



These perennial favourites will be as popular as ever next year. The classic solitaire makes it all about the rock. The Solitaire floating ring is one to look out for in 2021. It’s a contemporary look where the diamond appears to ‘float’ rather than being held in place by prongs or a bezel.


Blue Stone Rings 

Something Blue? The best known and loved is the sapphire obviously, but also aquamarines, tourmalines, topaz, tanzanite and blue opals. They go very nicely with both platinum and yellow gold settings and blue is such a happy colour like the sky on a warm sunny day! 

Remote try-ons

More and more couples have been choosing rings remotely rather than in a showroom, due to this year’s restrictions and social distancing. Jewellery businesses have adapted accordingly and the process of picking an engagement ring from home has become surprisingly easy.

Two-Tone Bands

The gold band with platinum prong setting has recently become more in demand and should continue to be so in 2021. They tend to accentuate the diamond’s brilliance.

Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

 This recent craze shows no sign of slowing down. Asymmetrical rings can brilliantly showcase individual personalities – employing a mix of different beautiful stones in an artistic and balanced but asymmetrical design – for instance juxtaposing rubies and sapphires in different shapes and sizes to create an amazing field of colour which may give a visual illusion of movement. Be sure that the weight distribution is even overall though, or the ring may tend to fall to one side. 


Want to make your friends green with envy? Why not a verdant emerald engagement ring? Some are expecting the green beauty to be the must-have next year. The symbology of emeralds is about new beginnings and serenity. They are a softer stone though, and those with an emerald ring will need to be careful, use caution when wearing it, clean it often and avoid bumping it on hard surfaces.

 Two-Stone Rings

These unusual rings have come back into fashion. They have highly romantic connotations. Called in French ‘toi et moi’ or ‘you and me’ – Two-Stone rings represent the union of two beings. They also afford the luxury of two large different stones for those who just can’t decide which one! 

Sustainable Engagement Rings

With more and more people seeking environmentally friendly options in their lifestyles and products, especially younger folks who are at that stage in life when marriage is an exciting possibility – more of these people are wanting to know where the materials are sourced and how they are produced. Many retailers are now able to guarantee their stones are ethically sourced and ‘conflict free’. Diamonds that have been produced in a laboratory have also increased in popularity. Also recycled stones and metals have been increasingly utilised in the production of engagement rings.

 Marquise & Pear Shaped Diamonds and Gemstones

These can be outstanding statement pieces of jewellery. Usually the main attraction is shown on a fairly delicate band to really highlight the star of the show. Ensure that the setting is robust and also extra care needs to be taken with these, as the shape can tend to catch on other surfaces. 

Vintage Rings

 Something old? Fashion is cyclical of course and vintage rings are really popular again. Perhaps the ‘Hipster’ ethos and love of all things vintage has had some influence on this trend. Vintage and Antique jewellery was often exceptionally well designed, made with great skill and has a fantastic quality finish. Vintage or Antique pieces may also have wonderful sentimental meaning. They represent sustainability and also uniqueness. Vintage engagement rings are so admired that couples are choosing new rings with vintage or antique design elements such as millegrain and filigree. 

Champagne – Chocolate Diamonds

These are becoming more sought after. The advantage is that they are less expensive, so bigger is more affordable. They really do have a terrific life-affirming look about them and they go exceptionally well with rose gold which has obviously been hugely popular in recent years.

 Three Stone Rings

This is a classic look with a large central stone flanked by smaller round or baguette or trapezoid stones in complementary colours on plain band. It’s a beautiful looking ring and has never really been out of fashion, but looks to be possibly peaking in the popularity stakes in 2021. 

Art Deco

 This 1920s movement has seen an immense revival and we expect to see this continue in 2021. The Hollywood Glamour look often features baguette diamonds and emerald cuts and has movie star appeal. The Art Deco look says all that needs to be said when it comes to style, luxury and class. 


Alexandrite is a gemstone  which you may not have heard of. But get ready to, as it is proving to be red-hot in 2021 as a go-to stone for fashionable engagement rings. It changes colour according to the light at the time and space – and like a chameleon will morph from green to blue to purple and orange. Fun!

Coloured Gemstones

These have become more popular in recent years, and should continue to be in the new year. After a year which could be described as gloomy, it’s going to be time to break out the bright colours in 2021. Coloured gemstones are a great way to display personality too. There are so many incredible pinks, yellows, reds, greens, blues in all sorts of shades and hues.

 Statement Wedding Bands

There’s a rumour going around that these super hip items might go large in 2021. Stand-alone wedding bands can be created with bold motifs – think diamond encrusted, cigar bands, deluxe signet rings and sparkling eternity bands.  This is non-traditional, it’s more affordable, is easy to sanitise and has a super-now unisex chic about it. These may even be worn on non-traditional fingers or swapped around a bit, to add that variety to daily life which is its spice…

Rose cut diamonds

 These have been around for a long time. Invented in the Renaissance epoch, they have a flat bottom and a domed top – so their shape resembles a rose bud. This is an old-fashioned style which has become the darling of new fashioned styling. Also, the flat bottoms tend to make the stone appear bigger than it is, so that’s no bad thing! 

Halo Rings

There has been much interest in these timeless beauties recently and word is they will on trend in 2021. Although a traditional design, they can be made with a contemporary twist and people love the octagonal and hexagonal shapes. 

 Black Diamonds

The mysterious black diamond has made a comeback in 2020. With this year being rather dark, some have opted to run with that and go the ‘dark horse’. It looks stunning set in yellow or rose gold and certainly stands out from the crowd. 

As always, what’s most important is that the jewellery best represent the personality of the wearer. This has always been the case and 2021 will be no different. Bring it on!

By: Nick Resch

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