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When it comes to proposing to that very special someone, there are many different ways of popping the big question and many different styles and approaches. Some may decide to present a fabulous diamond engagement ring in a champagne glass over dinner. Others may choose a romantic and meaningful location to get down on one knee. For some, seeking an answer in the affirmative to this most important proposition might be quite formal; for others casual. Sometimes it’s a complete surprise, sometimes not.  There are as many varied ways of proposing as there are diamond rings!  When someone we know really knocks it out of the ballpark with a fancy and fabulous proposal, it’s a wonderful story to relate. 

One of Paul Bram’s favourite customers did just that recently and we wanted to share. This 2021 proposal was elaborate, grand, superbly planned and executed – and uniquely Melbourne. The couple agreed to an interview with us and were excited to let us relate for you the story of this rare and romantic proposal.

Our lovely couple had been in a relationship for approximately 3 years when ‘G’ decided he was going to pop the question. He decided early on that his proposal would be well out of the ordinary and should have the look and feel of a classic romantic movie. 

 One of the first things G did was to visit us at Paul Bram to select an engagement ring. He chose a stunning diamond ring from our ‘Naomi’ collection. It is an 18ct white gold trilogy ring. It has one round brilliant cut diamond weighing 0.87ct, flanked by two round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.60ct. The centre diamond has a clarity of SI2 and is a perfect ‘D’ colour. 

G says,” …I have to mention how great the staff were. I walked in that first day and had very little knowledge on diamonds and rings in general. Saranda was great at explaining everything and narrowing down my options based on what I knew ‘A’ would like. It ended up being such a simple process and it’s safe to say A loves the ring.” 

G, who has worked in the professional football industry for over 10 years, recalls that around a year’s planning went into getting the details of his proposal all worked out. Including needing to sort of, ‘go back to the drawing board’ right in the middle of the process. Because the original plan was to propose in New York City. Then of course Covid changed everything. 

Unperturbed, G stuck to the nuts and bolts of his plan but decided to play this one on home turf. Perhaps there’d even be home ground advantage? Not that he would need it, with a diamond ring like that and a spectacular proposal plan to match!

So, with location revised to Melbourne, the intricate plan was conceived and evolved, and it did require the help of a few accomplices. This included mothers and mother-in-law, friends and other wedding professionals to put the right things into motion on the day. A few white lies had to be told – but these were like the colour of the diamond’s sparkle and easily forgiven after the fact!

Close friends helped out with logistical matters; G’s mother was consulted for a second opinion on the dazzling diamond ring (she gave it the thumbs up). G says that the hardest part during the whole process was probably keeping the two mums quiet. He had also asked his future father-in-law for permission to ask his daughter for her hand in marriage, and been given the green light there. 

Finally, a lot of work had to secretly go into producing the film which would be shown on the day, and a lot of organising at the venue itself. 

But this was no ordinary home movie and it was to be the day’s main billing – at none other than Melbourne’s iconic Astor Theatre!

On Monday 28 June G took A along to the Grand Deco Dame on what would appear to be a fairly standard date, yet it was anything but.

G had ‘bought’ the cinema for the occasion, there were no members of public. Fearing that the lack of theatre goers might arouse suspicion, he had a few ring-ins discretely fill up seats here and there. 

 After sitting down, G announced he was visiting the snack bar for some Maltesers, and it was then that the curtains opened to reveal a very special film rolling – which portrayed the story of how he and A met, their relationship and times together, so far. At this point, he re-appeared through the front door and as an image of Bogey and Becall flashed up across the big screen with the words “Will You Marry Me” – a very surprised A said “Yes!” to this very unusual, thoughtful, imaginative and romantic proposal. 

 G adds that an important aspect to this wonderful story was his brother’s proposal shortly after. G’s younger brother has Downs Syndrome and the two are very close. They are very often to be found hanging around together, with little bro mirroring his protective and adored older sibling. G had made it clear to A (in hypothetical discussions) that marrying him meant marrying his little brother too, figuratively speaking. G’s brother followed him with a proposal of his own at the Astor that day, shortly after. It’s not often at all that a lady has two marriage proposals in one day and says ‘yes’ to both!

 After a photoshoot in the cinema, from the Astor the group went on to the restaurant where the happy couple had had their first date, and then the party all stayed at Crown Towers and the event carried on across the weekend.

Here at Paul Bram, we are delighted to have played a part in this fantastic Hollywood-style proposal. We’re glad G popped the question in marvellous Melbourne and presented a beautiful diamond engagement ring selected here, from us. We wish the gorgeous couple a long and happy life together. 

Blog by Nick Resch, Wordsmith

Photography by Tahnee Jade,

Insta @tahneejadephoto

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