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For a long time we have lent our expertise not only to designing rings but to creating personalised diamond pendants for unique specifications. From delicate gold chains to larger pendants, our custom diamond necklaces can be designed with any occasion in mind and draw inspiration from a range of designer jewellery.

Our bespoke service is available to bring your ideal custom diamond pendant into reality with the assistance of our skilled team. Whether designing a delicate piece for everyday wear or a focal point for an important event, the range of possibilities with personalised diamond pendants stretches from the intricate and delicate to jaw-droppingly beautiful.

We offer custom diamond necklaces with cartier link chains and fine trace links, designed to suit every taste. Your unique imaginings are part of what makes our pendants so special; we are dedicated to forming and executing perfect customisations to delight any wearer. Our current collections, including pieces from our associate designers, are the perfect starting point in inspiring your own custom diamond pendant and we are always excited to discuss your preferences and insights.

Personalised diamond pendants from Paul Bram are created to highlight the intricacies of our stones while creating striking talking points and fine examples of bespoke craftsmanship. A custom diamond necklace from us is the result of a thorough consultation, detailed drawings and a passion for personalised diamond pendants which leave you with a luxurious and extraordinary piece of jewellery.

Your very own personalised diamond pendant can be quickly realised with our assistance. As well as consultations, we are proud to offer inspiration from every nook of our collections in store to ensure that our customers are always happy and our personalised diamond pendants are second-to-none.


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