Paul Bram A Special Team

Our team are highly experienced in designing, handling and selling luxury diamond jewellery. Learn more here about the experience and qualities of our team members.

Sam Thomas

Sam is the Head Designer and a Director of Paul Bram. He started his career in the jewellery trade as a message boy at 10 years of age and by the age of 18 had worked his way up to jewellery sales.

Since joining Paul Bram 14 years ago, Sam has specialised in diamond ring design and sales. He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as being an experienced diamond grader, qualified gemmologist, diamond technologist and registered valuer. Sam oversees the design direction of Paul Bram and has a great deal of experience buying diamonds in overseas diamond markets.

Jane Layton

Jane has over 15 years experience as a diamond consultant, including 6 years as manager of a leading Melbourne jewellery store. Her caring nature and professionalism make her a valuable member of the Paul Bram team.

Jane is qualified with a degree in textile design and she has an amazing eye for detail. Her passion for high quality jewellery and knowledge of diamonds allows her to assist her clients in selecting the best diamonds, tailoring the jewellery design for their needs. In addition, Jane plays a role in shaping the overall design direction of the company.

Wilson Zou

Wilson began in the jewellery industry working in a boutique jewellery store while completing a Masters in Accounting and Commerce at RMIT University.

After working as a Tax Consultant for a short time, Wilson’s passion for jewellery saw him return to the industry as a luxury watch consultant and assistant manager of one of Australia’s leading jewellery stores. Wilson completed a GAA certificate in Gemmology in 2015 and joined Paul Bram the same year. He is now continuing his studies in Diamond Technology to become qualified in jewellery valuing.

Astrid Minzenmay

Astrid grew up working in a family jewellery and watchmaking business that her grandfather began in 1911. She has an expert knowledge of all facets of the jewellery trade and is a qualified diamond grader.

Astrid also studied fashion design and which has helped her become a skilful jewellery designer specialising in remodelling old rings and jewellery. Astrid has a calm, warm, and genuine personality and is committed to give her clients the highest level of service.

Bridie Hyland

The youngest member of the Paul Bram team, Bridie is completing studies at the University of Melbourne in Political Science and International Relations.

A lover of diamonds and jewellery, Bridie has focussed for the last 18 months on developing her knowledge of diamonds, design and craftsmanship. Her inherent competence, combined with her calm, intelligent nature has proven perfect for providing the highest standards to assist Paul Bram clients.

Tracy Nguyen

Tracy joined the company in 2008 and has been an integral part of it ever since. Her conscientious and sincere nature together with a charming personality have made her an excellent diamond consultant as she continues to develop her knowledge about the intricacies of the fine jewellery trade.

Tracy’s fastidious approach to all tasks makes her ideally suited for overseeing the quality control of all work undertaken by Paul Bram.

Alex Kingsley

Beginning her career by completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Alex is an outstanding administrator ensuring that everything at Paul Bram runs smoothly.

A dedicated member of the team with a developing ability in sales consulting, Alex continues to acquire knowledge and skills in all facets of the luxury jewellery trade.