Priceless Proposal

When it comes to proposing to that very special someone, there are many different ways of popping the big question and many different styles and approaches. Some may decide to present a fabulous diamond engagement ring in a champagne glass over dinner. Others may choose a romantic and meaningful location to get down on one […]

Diamonds and Hammers

There are three types of hammers associated with diamonds:  The first hammer is that wielded by the miner who extracts the stone from deep below the earth’s surface. Used in conjunction with a pick and other tools, the miner’s hammer is a fairly blunt instrument designed for hard work and hard men. The majority of […]

The 5 Most Famous Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Green Tourmaline Halo Ring

Who doesn’t love to ogle and gain “ringspiration” from the world’s most famous celebrities, historical icons and royalty!? You would think the rich and famous would naturally be drawn to the classic beauty of the diamond however, more often than not, coloured gemstones have been the stone of choice when it comes to choosing the […]

Which Is the Best Diamond to Buy for Your Engagement Ring? The Definitive Guide for 2021

Conflict free diamonds Australia

In 2021, fashionable trends are displayed on more platforms than ever with jewellery styles and imagery abundant on screens and phones around the globe, as couples have needed to look online during a time when visiting the showroom has been impossible.  Couples, designers and jewellers are showing signs of super-creativity in this more optimistic year, […]

Top Twenty Engagement Ring Trend Predictions For 2021

Precious Gemstone Collection - Paul Bram

It’s that time of year when we are planning Christmas and looking forward to seeing the back of 2020. It’s also very likely that there will be a spike in wedding proposals as we emerge from the difficulties of this year and look towards 2021 and the future with optimism and the promise of fresh […]

The 10 Most Famous Argyle Diamonds

Pink Diamonds – the sparkling blush beauties painstakingly and carefully unearthed from the rugged ranges of North Western Australia’s Kimberley.  They are extraordinary for their rarity, their singularity, their colour – and their availability is limited – both in kind and in time. The vast majority have been gifted to the world by way of […]


Argyle Pink Diamonds - Sustainable & Ethical Mining - Paul Bram

Pink Diamonds are amongst the rarest precious items on earth. That is why they are the most collectible stones right now. To own a pink diamond is to own a piece of Australian and world history.  “Buying a Pink Diamond is like buying a Pablo Picasso while he was alive… In another decade, the Argyle […]



The top five decisions around getting hitched for most couples will be: choosing engagement rings and wedding rings, setting a date for the big day, agreeing upon a style of ceremony, invitations and selecting a venue. The priorities will be different for every couple (and their families potentially) but these elements will usually be common […]

A List of the 9 Wedding Venues in Victoria you may have missed or not thought of.


So, you’ve said “yes!” and now it’s time to plan this once in a lifetime event… your wedding! Picking a venue can be both exciting and overwhelming. You want a location that reflects both you and your partner, but also fits your guests, has that catering you desire, is easily accessible and creates the perfect […]

10 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Collection of Wedding Rings

By Nick Resch Celebrities. Whether closer to home or international – the rich and famous, movie stars, royalty or other – one thing many have in common is a love of all things bling. So, when it comes to engagement rings, it’s little wonder some of the most amazing examples ever seen have been exchanged […]