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Set with the rarest diamonds in the world, each piece in this collection features either a single or a matched set or Argyle Pink Diamonds.

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Argyle Pink Diamonds

Whether their beauty stems from their rare origins or their Australian ancestry, there is unparalleled elegance in Argyle Diamonds. The gentle hue of a pink diamond can create a striking focal point in an exquisite gift or provide the perfect complement to a delicate piece of diamond jewellery.

Your search for an Argyle Pink Diamond is a wonderful starting point on an exploration of the unique. The variety and versatility of the pink diamond is unrivalled and their alluring exclusivity ensures any Argyle Diamonds used in our collection are arranged and set to demonstrate their beauty and grandeur.

The pink diamond as a centrepiece will add femininity to any platinum design, from pendants to earrings, but can also offer a noteworthy contrast when set in gold. This variation is what sets Argyle Diamonds apart and places them at the forefront of luxury design.

Paul Bram is proud to be a Select Atelier of Argyle Diamonds, offering a link back to the conservation of resources and ethical pink diamond sourcing, establishing our Argyle Diamonds as pedigrees. This honour is afforded only to the most careful curators of rare stones, so you can rest assured that our design and execution will be nothing short of luxurious.

The Argyle Diamonds among our collections are set in stunning rings and pendants, from pale stones to deep reds and every shade in between. Our loose Argyle Pink Diamonds are sourced from the best cutting houses in the world and offer a unique and stunning starting point to any design. Whether you choose an understated piece or a design for a special occasion, our collections ensure that your pink diamond can be admired from every angle.

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